How To Get A Paypal Card


The PayPal card also known as PayPal debit card is issued by master card. PayPal card works same as a bank debit card, but it is linked with your PayPal account. PayPal debit card is convenient and it is available only for business or premier account holders. Customers can pay anywhere in the world with a PayPal card where master card is accepted. With the PayPal card, you can withdraw money from ATM, pay bills at departmental stores and make online payments.

How To Get A PayPal Debit Card

The primary PayPal debit card prerequisite is that you should be a PayPal customer on favorable terms with either a PayPal business account or an individual account through which you’ve gotten at any rate a minimum of $500 inside the recent year. If you have a PayPal business account there is no need to wonder where can I get a PayPal prepaid card. Just follow the given steps.

Moreover, to apply for a PayPal business debit account, you should give your Social Security number and date of birth, and you should have a physical street address. There is a common question arise Can you use a credit card on PayPal. You can affirm your location in one of the following  ways:

  • By linking a credit card to your PayPal account that gets a month to monthly bill at the location.
  • By applying for a PayPal card that affirms your location
  • By finishing the PayPal area affirmation process

Apply for a PayPal business debit MasterCard on the PayPal site by following these steps:

  • Sign in to your PayPal account.
  • Go to the PayPal business debit MasterCard application page.
  • Give your complete name, date of birth, Social Security number, postal address information, and telephone number.
  • Audit the data, at that point click on “Agree and Continue” to finish your request.

In case you’re approved, PayPal will promptly acknowledge you, and you’ll get your card in around seven to 10 business days. In case you’re did not qualified, you can reapply following 30 days.

How To Apply For PayPal Account As A New User

You have to apply for a PayPal account to apply for a PayPal card if you don’t have a PayPal account. Follow given steps to have a PayPal account-

Step 1:- Visit PayPal official website and click “signup for free”.

Step 2:- Choose an option between personal or business accounts, then click next.

Step 3:- Fill your email ID at given space, create a password as per instruction and click “next”.

Step 4:- Fill in space your full name, date of birth, Social Security number, mailing address and phone number.

Step 5:- Review the information, then click on “Agree” then “create account”.

Notwithstanding giving you moment access to the cash in your U.S. PayPal account, the debit card doesn’t charge an expense and offers some engaging advantages. Like 1% cashback on sign up and protection against unauthorized payment with master card zero-liability program.

Before you focus on this debit card, you ought to likewise comprehend the confinements that accompany it. Here is a portion of the negative angles that may make the PayPal business debit card less attractive to you like Daily limit for cash withdrawal is $400 and daily purchase limit is $3000, International ATM withdrawal charge is $1.50 each transaction and the foreign transaction fee is 1% of your transferred amount.

PayPal Tutorial – For Debit Card

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