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With extension of cashless exchange, there are new strategies for digital exchange are acquainting with us consistently. Presently transactions are quicker than at any other time. Each venture needs quick cash flow to create more income. To help quick cash flow organizations backing to cashless or digital payment methods. Presently digital transaction has developed toward becoming standard. Anyway, banks are giving diverse advanced interfaces to digital transaction. however there is a number of third party payment services. PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle pay are not many most mainstream payment services. In current times these agencies are conveying way much transaction than any individual bank. Cash app card also known as cash card is a famous product of Square cash app. Before spending money from cash card, you must know how to add money to cash App card.

First of all, before knowing how to add money to cash app card, You must know how to link your bank account to cash app card.

How To Link Cash App To Bank Account:

The process of adding bank account to cash app is quite easy. After linking bank to cash app you can add money to cash app account also send money to bank account from cash app.

To link bank account to cash app first time follow below given steps:

Step: 1- Open cash app on your phone and tap on the profile icon, situated at upper left corner on the app home page.

Step: 2- Multiple options will pop up, Tap on “funds”.

Step: 3- Follow as per steps prompted to add your bank.

Follow given steps below, If you want to replace old bank and new bank account.

Step: 1- Again tap on profile icon on upper left corner of page.

Step: 1- Go to the” funds”, on tapping it a list of bank will open

Step: 1- A list of multiple banks will pop up, Tap on a bank and choose either “Replace bank” or “Remove bank”.

Step: 1- Fallow the steps suggested by App and your New bank will be added successfully.

how to add money on Cash app card

From the above procedure, we can understand that cash card is another way to spend money from cash app. You can spend only money you have in cash app account, for which you have to add money in cash app account upfront.

  • Open cash app and tap on the account balance. If you have zero account balance tap on “cash and BTC” .
  • Tap on “Add cash” option and choose the amount you want to add.
  • Confirm the process by tapping “ADD” and enter a pin or touch ID.

Security Tips

  • Keep your credential of email account secure which is linked to cash app.
  • Create a strong password for cash app account, which is difficult to guess. Generally, people choose their date of birth or date of birth of their spouses, these passwords are prone to hack easily. Try a combination of numbers and words.
  • Set up two-step authentication to add an extra layer of security.
  • Beware of scammers, never share any details of your account, OTP, etc. over the phone or email.
  • Keep cash card pin confidential, never let anyone handle your cash card. If any suspicious transaction happens, immediately request to deactivate your card and order a new one.
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